Our Approach

If you want to create quality software, we can help.

We work with all development methodologies - Waterfall, Agile, DevOps - pure and mixed, with London hubs, national and international developers and companies. Our testers are all trained in Exploratory testing which particularly suits products and projects that are high risk, high visibility and high complexity.

Your Project

It all starts with a discussion to understand your timescales and budget, and the risks and objectives of your project. It's much easier if we work in close partnership with you and if you give us as much documentation as possible. The type of information that helps a project run smoothly includes functional specs, wireframes, creative designs, flow charts and project plans complete with timescales. If your website or application already exists in some form or other, it’s much better if we can see this too.

Project costs will be based on the information that you supply and our discussions.

It is helpful to consider what deliverables you will need from our tests. These typically include bug reports, screenshots, a final summary report, a gap analysis and, at times, a test coverage report. You may need test plans, strategies, policies, scripts and traceability matrices.

In terms of outcomes, the potential for testing is limitless, so it's important to take a step back and think about what your software needs to do. Key considerations are usually reliability and user experience. Security and accessibility maybe particularly important if you operate in the public sector or finance.

Whilst every project is different, in general we favour a narrative, rather than statistics driven, approach to test reporting. Our testers are highly trained and well educated, with the ability to take on board client objectives and to give a rounded report on the suitability of your software for launch.

About our Testers

All our testers are of graduate calibre and receive the same training, regardless of their initial qualifications. Training includes:

  • Courses in front-end web technologies such as HTML, CSS  and JavaScript
  • Association of Software Testing courses covering testing principles, bug advocacy and testing design
  • Rapid Software Testing courses by industry specialists
  • Internal training courses in our own unique methodology
  • Courses in back-end technology such as Java and SQL
  • In depth test automation training
  • Ongoing attendance at conferences and events

If you'd like help with checking the quality of your software, please contact us.